CMR Versius

Versius has been designed to enable surgeons to perform more minimal access surgery, so that more patients can have access to the highest quality of surgical care.
The practical, innovative technology integrates seamlessly into workflows and resets expectations of modern robotic surgery.

Think laparoscopically. Operate robotically.
Versius provides freedom of port placement to best suit the needs of each patient, allowing surgeons to operate the way they did laparoscopically with all the benefits of robotic surgery.

A system that fits into virtually any OR

Versius has a small, lightweight and modular design that can be moved effortlessly between departments to help hospitals maximise its utilisation. The small-scale design, enabled by unique v-wrist technology, means that it is suitable for virtually any operating room.

Patient access at all times
Versius works seamlessly and safely among the team. The collaborative arms and bed side units can be set up and adjusted so the surgical team have direct access to the patient throughout an entire procedure.

Clear communication for the whole surgical team
With open design architecture including an open console, Versius allows for clear verbal and non-verbal communication between the surgeon and surgical team.

Ergonomically beneficial
Did you know nearly 20% of surgeons in the UK and 15% of surgeons in Germany think they may need to retire early due to physical impact of conducting laparoscopic surgery? 1 Versius has an ergonomic console which allows surgeons to sit or stand in comfortable position during surgery which has the potential to reduce stress and fatigue.
1 Bryter. (2019). Surgeons and back pain, slide 17.