BHS RoboticScope® Robotic 3D digital microscope

Head-Mounted Display

Our specially developed Head-Mounted Display (HMD) plays a crucial role in controlling the RoboticScope®. The HMD detects the head gestures of the surgeon and controls the robot camera accordingly.

With the HMD, the surgeon has 2 digital micro displays right in front of their eyes, presenting a real-time 3D image of the operational field.

Sensors in the HMD interpret head-movements of the surgeons; robotic arm, and camera head then carry out the corresponding movements with high precision.

All important functions of RoboticScope® can thus be selected and used with light head gestures during the operation. Changing the perspective, zooming, and focusing – it all can be done without having to remove the hands off the operational field.

Your hands remain free to operate. The surgical instruments remain with the patient and you can operate ergonomically and without distractions.

Robot-assisted visualisation for minimal invasive surgery

RoboticScope® is a view-changing full digital 3D microscope. It is based on a digital, purely software-controlled technology. It consists of three precisely coordinated main components: Head-Mounted Display (HMD), robotic arm and microscopic camera.

We believe that a surgical microscope must adapt to the surgeon – not the other way around.

All important functions and movements of RoboticScope® can be activated hands-free.  Just the lightest of head gestures, and you are already there! Your hands may remain on the operating field and the instruments do not have to be put aside.

In March 2020 RoboticScope® was CE-certified as a Class I medical product. RoboticScope® is therefore approved for use in surgical operations in the European Union.

A new era of microsurgery. That is RoboticScope®.

Robotic arm

The 6 axes robotic arm allows for exact 3D movements of the robot camera above the operational field. The precision of ±0,03mm ensures that any perspective changes, even in the smallest structures, can be defined accurately. Using light head gestures the surgeon can define direction and speed of the movement and therefore easily change the operating position, totally hands-free.

Robot camera

During the operation, the robot camera is placed over the operational field. Through controlled movements over the situs, the camera can be positioned easily into viewing angles that could be hard to reach with a traditional microscope.

We have developed the optics to fit perfectly to the operational theatre. Through the application of the latest technology, we have created optimal visualisation for the operational scene.

Made in Austria: the optics are developed, manufactured, and assembled directly in our production centre in Innsbruck.

User Interface

The intuitive user interface of RoboticScope® ensures that all functions of RoboticScope® can be selected and easily used. There are no complex submenus. Regardless of magnification and other parameters, you can make all adjustments with the HMD through simple and intuitive procedures – step by step. As a result, your attention can be fully focused on the operation.